I purchased a stainless steel Brinkmann 5 burner gas grill, model 810-1750-S from Home Depot in March 2012. I've been unable to use the grill since early this year 2015, and have been trying to get replacements parts. Basically in less than 3 years, the crossover channels were completely rusted, making the grill unusable.

When we discovered the channels were rusted I contacted Brinkmann. I had some trouble contacting a representative, but finally got through. I was told to email a warranty form and copy of original receipt. I did so, and was sent replacement parts. Unfortunately, we were sent the wrong replacement parts, even though I did specify the exact model number, and included the receipt.

Now I'm trying to get the correct replacement parts, but it's impossible to get a response from this company. I emailed twice in the last 2 weeks (using the same Brinkmann email address I originally used to submit my warranty form). No response from Brinkmann. I called today, and was not allowed to speak to a live person. I was told I'd receive a call back, but again no response. I tried to complete a contact form on their website, and received an internal error message. But they immediately signed me up for their email marketing list, which I didn't request.

I don't believe this grill should be advertised as a stainless steel grill, when you think stainless, you think NO rusting would happen. I'm highly dissatisfied with the whole process at this point. I don't know if we'll be able to successfully repair this grill even if we do receive the parts. My husband used a dremel to cut the cross channels off, referencing user tips from customers with the exact same Brinkmann grill issue online, because the screws were completely rusted and could not be unscrewed or even drilled out. Three years and $469 plus tax for a piece of junk grill from Brinkmann in my opinion. My smaller Charbroil grill that I replaced was crappy looking, and wasn't stainless steel, but it lasted me a good 15 years.

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I can sympathize. Bought a Brinkman 5 burner, and while I did not expect it to last the rest of my life, the partial rusting was the least of my worries.

Could not get it lit, replaced propane hose, regulator, to no avail. Eventually it lit up, then immediately went out. Smoke coming from left side under work top. Of course at the exact moment i look underneath, flames shoot out.

The threaded cap where the hose connects had rusted off, and was leaking propane. GARBAGE!!

St. Paul, Minnesota, United States #1210717

Same here but mine is a 6 burner-4 on the main surface and 2 on the sear box side. Tried to grill one weekend and noticed I wasn't getting much heat.

Looked closer and saw 2 burners completely corroded and separated and all the crossovers rusted thru. Didn't try to go thru Brinkmann because I've had it 3 yrs but ordered replacement parts on Amazon. Burners were fine but the crossovers were the wrong size. I figured I could make them work anyway but like you mentioned, the screws holding it all together were practically welded in place.

I got pissed and eventually wrecked the tabs and hacksawed thru the old burners just to get them out. That was 3 days ago and I haven't looked at it since.

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