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Just a heads up, don't expect any customer service or warranty. Brinkmann filed for bankruptcy in late 2015 and was liquidated. Brinkmann owned Qbeam and Malibu landscape lighting. Due to the seasonal nature of grills and landscape lighting there still is a lot of product being sold as new floating around various retailers. Sears bought most of the liquidated merchandise and sold them as Blue Light Specials at Kmart this summer, so if you bought this year through them you probably will have some support. Otherwise don't expect much.

I found this out because I bought an orphaned heavy duty charcoal grill that must have been released right before they went under because I'm also apparently the only person who owns one (well someone else will because the store I bought it at has another). They were briefly available at Home Depot. Basically it's like one of those heavy duty Oklahoma Joe's grills except as a small charcoal grill. While I'm happy I was able to buy a heavy duty smaller charcoal grill because no one makes one, the problem is Brinkmann was apparently the only company that made anything close to the configuration. While the grates (and most parts for all brinkmanns) are fairly easy to find as they are easy to find after markets for, one part is nearly impossible to locate... a cover. I've looked everywhere.

I'll keep it in my garage, but be warned. Brinkmann is no more.

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So brinkman is out of business!Can't imagine why.

Hummm! Maybe pour costumer service might have taken them down.

Good riddens.I won't miss them one bit.


I'm in the same boat, I'm very leaved! I bought a Trailmaster ltd edition....no freaking replacement parts! WTF?

Brinkmann went bankrupt!

Texarkana, Texas, United States #1316988

I loved the Brinkmann electric smoker. Too bad it's no longer available.

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