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I bought an expensive Brinkmann charcoal grill a few years ago. This grill constantly rusts or breaks, so I have to order part after part after part. This in itself is aggravating, but when you factor in Brinkmann's HORRIBLE customer service, the aggravation level reaches record heights. I'm not fond of being hung up on when I have issues with a product, but that is what just happened.

I keep my grill covered at all times except for when I'm grilling (see picture). Even with that level of protection, the top of the hood is rusting out (see picture). And the charcoal grate that I've already replaced TWO times is again rusted to the point that I can no longer use the grill.

So, in preparation for the upcoming good weather and grilling opportunities, I order two charcoal grates on April 2. It was a backorder item with the ship date of May 3. Today, on May 11, I call to get the status of my order. Oops! Now the ship date is May 30! I expressed my frustration with the customer service rep who called me back (you can't call them and speak to them in the same call - you have to leave your number and maybe they'll call back, and maybe they won't ... I've had it both ways in the past) and only used one curse word - when he told me the new ship date, I said, "You have GOT to be sh*tting me!"

Then I asked to speak to someone up the food chain about this, and that's what got me a dial tone. Guess they expect the customers to just roll over and play dead when they provide abysmal customer service.

I tried their "pretend" customer chat function they refer to in their phone-answering message. It truly is pretend. I sent an IM to them and guess what? Knock, knock, nobody's home.

Dealing with this company and their inferior products just isn't worth it, since there are many other grill companies out there that actually want my business. I'm going to scrap this expensive piece of junk grill and by a new one. But this time will be different - I'll research before I buy, and WON'T buy from a two-bit company like Brinkmann again.

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Perhaps, "brave" Anonymous, if you bothered to read the WHOLE post, you might understand that my whole complain revolves around Brinkmann's selling a grill that they then do not support with spare parts. Forget the weather aspect.

Grills, or ANY type of manufactured assembly, BREAK. They just do. It's the manufacturer's duty to their customer to supply spare parts to keep their product up and running. Brinkmann feels no obligation to their customers whatsoever to do this.

Imagine buying a car and a couple of years later the steering wheel breaks. You go to the dealership to get a new one and they say, sorry, don't make those, you have to get a new car. I'm sure, noble Anonymous, you would just shrug your shoulders and buy a new one. Right.

And it's time for an update - it is now May 2016.

Brinkmann never intended to get the part it promised me over and over and over. Yes, that's right. They out and out lied. The part was never received and my grill went to the dump.

Instead of treating me like a valued customer, being honest with me and telling me, "We've decided to no longer provide support or parts for that grill", they just lied and lied and lied.

Go ahead and do business with this company at your own risk. I purchased a DynaGlo grill to replace this Brinkmann monstrosity. I had some problems with parts and guess what? They shipped me replacements FREE OF CHARGE.

Which company had you rather do business with?

Anonymous, I particularly wish you luck with your Brinkmann grill!

Keep us posted when it breaks and you need parts. That oughta be rich!


you got hung up on because you swore at them. doesn't matter if it's 1 or 100 no one deserves to be talked to like that and rightly so can and DO hang up on people.

i've done it in my job and i'd do it again in a heartbeat if someone talked to me that way.

that being said. just because a grill is covered does NOT protect it from nature. it can/does get damaged from being outside even IF it's covered as you show it.

that is YOUR problem not the company that makes them. if they're giving you the parts free then be thankful and stop complaining because you're too *** to put it somewhere in doors where it can't be affected by weather/temp changes etc etc.

to Anonymous #1168548

Hey Anonymous,

Your company went out of business. Brinkmann is done because of dumbasses like you who worked at their customer service. How's the unemployment going?

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